Traits of a Good Motivational Speaker

We have listed the qualities and traits of good motivational speakers. If you are aspiring to become one then you can try to emulate the qualities of the successful motivators that we have observed.

Following the steps of the famous and successful speakers is one of the steps that will bring you closer towards your desired success.


Good Motivational Speaker When you love something, it will definitely show in your actions and words. Whenever you talk about something you love, you face lights up and talk with emotion and emphasis on the words that you speak.

A passionate motivational speaker is effective in what he does because he does his work from the heart and it reflects on how he speaks. A passionate speaker has a bigger chance of winning the trust of the audience because he himself is an advocate of what he does.

He believes that what he does is important and should be shared with the audience. Since he loves what he does, how he communicates and interacts with the crowd becomes more natural, thus, his audience sees sincerity in how he speaks and delivers his message.
When you are passionate about what you do then work does not feel like work at all. It also becomes an avenue of self-expression.


An effective motivational speaker is someone who is an expert about the topic. It will be difficult for most people to persuade others to believe in something that they cannot even clearly discuss with others.

In most cases, effective speakers are experts in a certain topic or field. Most of them even write a book about what they know. Excellent speakers are normally great writers as well. Many of the famous and successful speakers have written books before they were invited to give inspirational speeches in events and gatherings.

If you want to become a famous speaker, assess your subjects of expertise and hone them. Be good at it that even in a perfect world, you will still get paid to do what you do best.

Motivational Speaker


Great speakers are not shy and timid. They go out to public places and could strike up a conversation with anyone. They are comfortable in their own skin and do not try to be anyone they are not.

You will never see a successful motivational speaker who trembles in front of a crowd. They do not avoid interaction with others. They mingle with them and go after them. Speakers love the limelight. They are usually the center of attention in gatherings.

Successful speakers enjoy the attention they get from others because it boosts their self-confidence. In return, people are drawn to them because of their upbeat personality. The confidence they have is not because they see themselves as perfect beings who will never succumb to failures or mistakes. On the contrary, they are well aware of their flaws, but they do not let their weaknesses become a hindrance in achieving their dreams and doing what they love.


Needless to say that successful speakers have a way with words. Their vocabulary is impeccable that they can they can describe a certain item in multiple phrases and words.

Eloquence is an important factor in becoming a successful motivational speaker. To persuade the audience, he must find the right words and phrases to get his message across.

It will be a great challenge if a speaker will have to struggle searching for words whenever he makes a speech. Using inappropriate words and phrases may also end up discouraging people, instead of motivating them.

Words are powerful tools when it comes to lifting the mood and spirit of the audience. A good speaker then must have a good amount of words in his vocabulary before a battle or speech.


A good speaker can adapt to the changes. He must be capable of keeping up with the changes that happen in his area of specialization.
People are normally interested in new things and easily get bored with the old things. To stay in the business and ahead of the competition, a good motivational speaker must be able to keep up with these changes and adapt to the changing demands of the people.


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