When was the last time you checked the grip on your club? If you’re like most golfers, you probably have not thought to look at your golf grips since you bought your set. It might seem like a minor oversight, but did you know that 9 out of 10 golfers are using the wrong size grip? And, what, you might ask, does it matter if a person is using the wrong size if they have become accustomed to it and built their game around it? Well, it turns out that getting the correct size grip can improve your game by five strokes.

How Golf Grip Can Affect Your Game

The wrong-sized golf grip can affect your game in a big way since it is the only part of the golf club that comes into contact with your hands. For example, if you struggle to make consistent shots, you might be using a grip that is too small. This is because agolf grip that is too small could make your hands move excessively through your swing and cause low shot accuracy. On the other hand, a golf grip that is too big might cause too much tension through your stroke and cause you to hook or slice more than you should. This is because the strain in your movement hampers your ability to face your golf head in the right direction at the right time.

Pro golfers know how much their golf grips matter to their game and are known to regrip their clubs 3 to 4 times a year to suit the season or just to address wear. If you just play golf on weekends, you might want to change your grips every 60 rounds or if you see signs of wear such as loss of tackiness, chapping, or shiny spots. Moreover, if you have been using the same golf set for years and not changed their grips, it is definitely time to consider replacing them.

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How to Choose a Golf Grip

So you have finally decided that it is time to get a new golf grip. How do you know your size?One way is to measure the length of your hand and your tallest finger. But another, simpler way to go about it is to look at your glove size. If your glove size is:

  • Men’s XL, choose midsize to jumbo grips
  • Men’s large, choose standard to midsize grips
  • Men’s medium to large, choose standard grips
  • Men’s medium, choose standard grips
  • Men’s small, choose undersize to standard grips
  • Women’s large, choose undersize to standard grips
  • Women’s medium, choose undersize grips
  • Women’s small, choose junior to undersize grips

Once you know your size, you can select grips from a wide selection available at our website.

More Tips for Replacing Your Grips

So, now you know the right golf grip size for you. If you are like many golfers, you might fight that a slightly larger grip is more comfortable. Then you can further customize your grip using a variety of tools and accessories available at the shop.

Here are other factors you might want to consider when replacing your grips:

  • Golf GripMaterial – Golf grips can be made from different materials. Whether you go natural – like leather of rubber – or synthetic is entirely up to you. Golfers like to choose based on cost, tackiness, or durability.
  • Softness -There were mixed reactions when soft and squishy grips were first introduced. A lot of golfers leaned towards the idea that a soft grip made it difficult for them to hold their clubs securely. If you are one of those golfers, you might want a harder grip. Senior-aged golfers, though, might prefer a softer grip to compensate for a lack of hand strength.
  • Balance – Golf grips can add to the weight of a golf club. You will want to make sure that your club still has good balance when you replace them.

Finally, it is important to realize that you should replace all your grips as soon as you learn the size that suits you best. Some golfers replace their grips one or two golf clubs at a time. What this does, though, is give you inconsistent hand feel and balance when you’re out on the green. This might adversely affect your strokes instead of helping.

If you’re worried about the cost, know that replacing your golf grips all at the same time does not need to cost a fortune as there is always a great deal waiting for you at Rockbottomgolf. They always have the right stuff to help you improve your game.