Link Building

How to Build Relationships Beneficial for the Link Building Campaign

When it comes to link building, who you know is more important than what you know. In the online world, the relationship you build will definitely help you generate more links that can benefit your website in both the short term and long term. If you want other people to see the relevant content you have generated, then you must build relationships that can benefit your link building campaign.

Link BuildingLink building uses the strategy of building relationship with other people to establish better results. The more people you know, the higher the opportunity for link building will be. These people may have a blog or they may participate in forums. By merely adding the link to any of your content, you have a positive incoming link to your website.

Here are some of the common methods that can help you build good relationships:

•Random acts of kindness.

It does not matter if you are online or not, you have to strive hard to be nice to other people as that will give you a nice payoff. Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to help those people who are in need. This strategy may not really be actionable but you will be surprised how one random act of kindness can turn into a lasting relationship.


This means that you better start caring about other people. You have to show to other people that you are not just a bot that has a picture, but you are really human. For example, when other people share a post on Twitter about their eldest daughter’s graduation, then be heartfelt and congratulate them. Something simple like that will help open up a chance of building relationships.


When someone is testing something or conducting a survey, do get involved. Participate in these activities. You can start a conversation with other people, sometimes new acquaintances, when you participate in the said activities.

•User group meetings.

User group meetingsIf you want to look for people who have the same mindset as you, then finding those people who actually use the same services or products like you will work to your advantage. After that, you can participate in the user group meetings hosted for these services or products. You will find that to be an ideal way of broadening your social circle.

•Local meet-ups.

It does not matter if you participate in one or you start it yourself. The meet-ups are definitely the best way for you to get to know about other people who are close by. It is especially helpful for you to go to local meet-ups for meeting other people when you live in a big city.


Going to conferences is highly recommended if you plan to broaden your social circle and establish a good network. Conferences are awesome events. The said event will be a great investment of not only your money but also of your time.

•Calling people up.

It is a good idea to call people up. You will be making them hear your voice. The other party will then establish the fact that you are a real person. It will also allow you and the other party to get to know more about each other.

•Skype or Google+ Hangout.

Skype or Google+You should consider using Skype and Google+ Hangout. This is a way for you to meet face to face with another person. It is less awkward to talk with people over these areas.

There are many other methods that you can use to build lasting relationship with others. It would be helpful to follow through with these methods. You will definitely benefit a lot once you build lasting relationships with other people.